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All the Things Your New ADU Can Do For You

The Live 20' Skyroof by The Container Box, Inc. can be a perfect choice for a modern ADU. The rapid rise of the shipping container home is as fascinating as it is stylish; this contemporary, environmentally-conscious take on the accessory dwelling unit is sweeping across the globe. Everybody wants a container home. But what exactly is it? And what, ultimately, can an ADU do for you?

Not all repurposed shipping container spaces are ADU’s, and not all ADU’s are container spaces. Simply put, an ADU is an extension of a single-family house, and can be attached or detached from the primary structure. ADUs are also called secondary suites or in-law apartments, and are legally considered part of the main house.

Examples of these accessory dwelling units include:

  • Detached ADU (e.g. garage, backyards, laneway houses)

  • Attached ADU (e.g. garage, basement, penthouse)

  • Interior conversion ADU (e.g. basement)

  • Exterior conversion ADU (e.g. garage)

Provide Rentable Housing

An ADU can provide a steady stream of income for a homeowner, generating up to $1900 monthly, and creating a flexible, passive income. Lease it, rent it out, or finally let your twice-removed step-niece move in-- the beautiful thing about an ADU is that you can do all of these things and more from a healthy distance while generating income. Who can say no to making money?

Save You Money

It is no secret that most traditional homes come with scary price tags; housing rates are through the roof, and they won’t be significantly declining anytime soon. That’s where the appeal of an ADU comes in-- for people looking to rent or cohabitate in a smaller residential space, container homes can be a great option, and a win for both renter and unit owner.

Give You More Space

Build a guest house; design a rec-room; create a tiny apartment. An ADU can transform into any space you want, specifically customized for whatever that may entail. Convertible, flexible, and adaptable, an ADU can accommodate fluctuating work schedules and family needs while saving you money in the long run.

Stand the Test of Time (and Weather)

Container homes are durable, mostly due to the fact that, before serving as living rooms and home offices, they were meant to be shipped around the world through rain, sleet, and snow. Now, your repurposed home can weather all three without a sweat, and look good while doing it.

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