Rent The Box is the eco-friendly, convenient & affordable alternative to disposable cardboard moving boxes.

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Rent The Box

A green alternative to disposable cardboard moving boxes!


  • At or below the price of buying cardboard moving boxes!
  • Compare and see! No delivery fees or hidden costs!


  • FREE drop off and pick up!
  • FREE reusable packing materials!
  • No packing tape, building and breaking down cardboard boxes!
  • No concerns of disposal of cardboard boxes!
  • Easier to carry with molded handles!   


  • A commissioned Life Cycle Assessment comparing the plastic totes that Rent The Box uses to similarly sized cardboard moving boxes shows that reusable plastic totes have a lower environmental impact!
  • Rent The Box’s green moving boxes are made of recyclable materials!
  • Our moving boxes are manufactured within 150 miles of Atlanta!
  • Our moving boxes can be used hundreds of times versus one or two uses from cardboard moving boxes
  • By offering reusable packing materials, we hope to prevent one-time use packing materials will end up in our landfills.

Call 404-856-0614 or place your order online

If you place your order online, please call us immediately to schedule your delivery.
Orders taken 24/7 by phone.  Call today to place your order and schedule your delivery.

We strive to be efficient in our transportation and attempt to schedule all order delivery and pick ups on Thursdays from 9 AM - 7 PM.

Please keep this in mind when planning your purchase. 
We will consider alternative delivery schedules. Please inform your customer service associate if this is needed.


Rent The Box
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